Release of Funds

within the time specify by laws, should receive it within 3-5 days.

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Robert Rodriguez is a Releasing Official that has handled over 2000 thousand files and all the money recovered. His Education is  from the University of California  with a Master in Finance. 

"Secured Capital Policy is an intelligence gathering firm that specializes in asset recovery, risk mitigation, and claims assessment. We are not a court-appointed claims administrator or class counsel. We contract with licensed investigators. This website is for informational purposes and the services provided by Secured Capital Policy are not legal services and the protection of the client-attorney relationship does not exist with respect to the non-legal services. You always have the right to file claims on your own. Except as provided by law or upon the prior written consent of the client, Secured Capital Policy will not divulge or release to anyone other than its client the contents of an investigative file acquired in the course of licensed investigative activity. For additional settlement information concerning the legal process, you may contact your attorney or the client coordinator."

Experience You Can Trust

Secured Capital Policy is an intelligence-gathering agency that specializes in claims assessment, risk mitigation and asset recovery to fight financial fraud. Focusing on binary options, we have helped fraud victims from all over the world recover millions of dollars. The attorneys we work with have yet to lose a case using the intelligence we provide.

We Offer Our Clients the Following Services:

​​✓ Asset recovery
✓ Risk management
✓ Litigation advisory
✓ Crisis management
✓ Claims assessment


​Get effectively and successfully initiate chargebacks by leveraging the intelligence that we have collected on the company and the company bank accounts.

We'll take charge with our Expert legal Negotiators.

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Dedicated and Loyal Professionals

Angel Munoz (Releasing Official) His talent speaks for itself as he attacks the opposing firm with substantial evidence on a hard defense, you can rest assured that he will demand your refund. 

We Treat You with Respect

Mark Peterson (Assistant Manager).

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking matters on which we work attract the best and brightest releasing officials that have joined our firm,

We'll Fight your Case

as we move to the next step of negotiation with the opposing firm.

Claim is Approved 

​we'll set up your offshore account ready for release of your funds.

Insurance firm

We Provide Full Asset Recovery Across the Following Industries:

​​• Binary options
• Forex
• Cryptocurrencies
• and other international financial fraud.