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Asset tracing or bank mapping is the procedure by which we “follow the money” to locate where it really is.

We do this by going direct to the bank or the payment processor, which means this can be done in-house using our qualified legal advisors. If we are not able to carry this out in-house, we may obtain a disclosure order from the local authorities. The disclosure order instructs the banks into handing over relevant information regarding transfers. Once we are able to get a judgment and freeze the funds, we now make sure that the judgment is enforced.

Tracing where your money is being held is a crucial step in successfully recovering your money.

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The information needed from the client’s side is imperative for a successful claim. The documents needed are anything and everything related to the fraudulent company in question including emails, agreements, terms, and conditions, etc. This is how we begin compiling the evidence. Any additional information our clients have on the company (e.g. screenshots or documented unusual behavior) are important and very helpful.

We request personal documents from all of our clients, which include: Proof of payment (POPs), questionnaire, testimonial, I.D, and credit card statements​.

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-Aggregate Demand.

​With the Aggregate Demand process, we can sue your investment company to compensate for damages caused by the broker. The most pressing aspect of this process is that the compensation will be longer than the capital invested, and the negative is that a long time with the commitment of visits to the court and compassion in front of a US judge.

-​​Legal Agreement.

​​With the process of the Legal Agreement as its name indicates, it is sought to reach a consensus between the parties in which the investment company agrees to return the client's original investment plus the profits presented plus the accrued interest from which the investment was made. investment. The most pressing aspect of this process is the speed with which it takes a maximum of three business days to complete. and the negative is that the agreement waives legal actions to sue the investment company.

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Strong and positive relationships are what differentiates Wealth Recovery International from other companies.


We believe in holding ourselves and others to the letter of the law. It is our duty to prevent the violation of our most basic rights.


We dedicate ourselves to our clients and maintain the highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability.


We employ many strategies to help recover your lost assets and we pledge to work non-stop until our clients have received justice.

The process is easy to begin. Fill out the contact form, including your out-of-pocket investment (this refers to the money you deposited, not the “bonuses” or “winnings”).

We gather the business intelligence on the binary options company you traded with in order to assess your claim’s viability. The information we uncover is not easy to come by and gives our network of attorneys the upper hand in recovering your money. We have already identified a significant amount of these perpetrators and helped return millions of dollars to our clients.

If we believe your claim is viable, you will be contacted by a claims analyst who will take you through the steps to recovery. We have attorneys on staff who help us strategize the most effective way to recover the money, for example, either using the leverage we have or referring your case over to the most effective jurisdiction, to a law firm within our global network.

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Secured Capital Policy is an asset recovery firm specialized in binary options, based in the United States and sources all over the world. We have more than nine years helping people who have been a victim of binary options fraud; it does not matter if you have been a victim or if you are currently trading with any trading company.

Our job is to force the binary options platform that you have invested in to respect and follow the withdraw conditions by using effective strategies and techniques.

We are aware of how difficult it could be for you to obtain your money from binary options scams. If you believe you have been a victim of possible fraud, do not hesitate to contact us, our specialists are waiting to work in your case.